New Camp Managers at Lewa Settling Right In…

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Firstly we would like to introduce ourselves and our little daughter, Meila-Mae. We arrived in Lewa a couple of weeks ago and since then, have been busy learning the ropes and getting to know all the Lewa family.

We have been welcomed with open arms, as well as open wings from all our resident birds, of whom there are many! Little Meila’s favourite daily highlight is feeding the dainty grey flycatchers and watching all the birds flying down to feed in front of the main areas, namely the iridescent superb starlings, beautiful scarlet-chested sunbirds and the bronze sunbird as well as the comical white-bellied go-away birds. Her highlight, however, is our dear Bahati, the female ostrich. Bahati means ‘lucky’ in Swahili, and this she truly is as she has the whole camp to herself!

Since arriving we have been kept very busy with tales from our guests of what they have encountered out in the conservancy. There have been incredible sightings, too many to write about unfortunately, so I will just name a few.

The family of five cheetahs has been seen on a few occasions and have been keeping guests on their toes by walking very close to the vehicles, and at times even climbing onto the bonnets of the cars! The best cheetah sighting was of them hunting a baby giraffe. Although very sad, it was an incredible ‘national geographic’ moment!

Playful cheetahs photographed by Stefan Manzi
Playful cheetahs photographed by Stefan Manzi

A few nights ago we received a radio call from Annabella and Jim in Room 6 saying, very quietly, “There’s an animal outside my room!” We just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just the elephants.” It was not until we radioed the security to go and check that we heard the real story! The lions had killed a zebra down in the valley below camp. There were two lionesses and one beautiful big male lion. Unfortunately for the lions, the hyenas soon arrived and took over but as the evening approached, the lions came back and chased them away.

Apart from the larger animals outside camp, we have many little furry friends inside camp such as the beautiful little genets, dik diks, duikers, porcupines and the dwarf mongoose that visit us on the green lawns by the swimming pool every day.

Whether you are on a drive, out on a nature walk or even riding on the backs of camels, there are always adventures to be had! We’ll be in touch again with more photos of our friends around camp.

Hope to see you all soon!

Sacha, Tamlyn and Meila Mae

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