Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – Owner

Lewa Safari Camp is the only tourist facility within the Conservancy that is owned by the Conservancy. The Lewa board subcontracted the management of the camp to Liz & Stefano Cheli, in 2009. Profits and conservancy fees generated by the camp are reinvested directly into the conservation and community efforts of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Managers – Marcus Newton & Vanessa Hanka

Marcus and Vanessa are originally from England, regular visitors to Kenya, settling here in 2011 after travelling extensively through Africa in their kitted out Landrover. They were living close to Lewa before joining the Safari Camp; so were already locals to the area, and with a passion for wildlife and wilderness are delighted to be working in Eden!

Marcus spent many years as an officer in the Grenadier Guards, and Vanessa is the daughter of a diplomat, spending her much of her life around the world, especially in the Far East, where she had a luxury furnishings business in Hong Kong. Familiar with up-market hospitality from around the world, they bring to the camp a knowledge of how an elegant property should be run.

Liz & Stefano Cheli – Management

Liz & Stefano are charged with the management of Lewa Safari Camp. With a successful group of lodges of their own, Tortilis Camp, Amboseli; Elsa’s Kopje, Meru National Park; Joy’s Camp, Shaba National Reserve; Kitich Camp, the Mathews Mountains; and Elephant Pepper Camp in Mara North Conservancy – Liz & Stefano’s priority was to make Lewa Safari Camp the flagship of the Conservancy. Refurbishment and training have paid off, transforming the camp into an elegant comfortable jewel, reaching the “Cheli & Peacock standard”; and upgrading the back of house operations to a level of ecological standard worthy of one of the most important wildlife conservancies in the world.


The Lewa Safari Camp guides are based in camp within Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and are some of the best guides in the country. Most are from the neighbouring communities and have been guiding within the Conservancy for many years, some for over 15 years. The guides are Bronze or Silver level Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association certified, and they also receive training directly from the Conservancy to the “Lewa Standard”.

The Conservancy is famous for its large and successful rhino population, as well as the rest of the Big Five. First class guides, they know the botany of the area, palaeontology history of the area as well as an intimate knowledge of the rhinos, cheetah and lion families.

The walking guides are trained armed rangers from the Conservancy.